more artists

Rebecca Stevenson , Stevenson is set in London she uses polyester resin and wax. She is a surrealist macabre sculptor. The macabre beauty of the grouter decay process. Her work is concerned with anatomical drawing and botanical illustration, but occupies a liminal subjective, imaginary body.Ius4eFdXDEbWVZtYmtTs_1082118182

Lynda colley , is an abstract artist who lives in England. Even though she just works  with paint and on plain canvases, the abstract painting with the natural form gives of the texture and shapes. What she likes to create in her art work, is abstract paintings as well pencil drawings of endangered animals. Her abstract work is born from being drawn to a particular colour or feeling, or 00861e387337db2e4740e21a8ecfbafaa00ffbff (1)wanting to reflect a certain mood. she loves to use rich vivid colours that make her work tactile inviting.

research project

I want to start by talking about some artists I have been researching on, and that they have inspired me in my art work. Also looking at their process and materials they use, which are the way I work and also use.

Nicki Stewart, uses hot wax , she is mixed as a natural progression form. Studies in both interior and textile formally based in new Zealand. in the early 80s her current work is encaustic bees wax and dammar resin. With the hot wax she applies layers and layers fuses each layer to the last. Digital images are manipulated painted transferred and combined with charcoal and pigments layers sealed in by the

Phil medley, he is based in England as an encaustic wax artist. His encaustic art techniques creates original and unique encaustic

Daniella woof, she is an artists , author, curator and instruction in encaustic, fibre and mixed media. she describes her work as an amalgam motion of materiality. mathematics and repetition and her preferred medium is encaustic because of the versatility it offers.tea.rust_.burn_

Patricia Baldwin , is based in Australia she is new to encaustic, using rusting, carving and speckling, tarring and flocking. these are just a few unique and surprising techniques. also  she is an author. Seggebruch.Encaustic


Serena Barton , mixed media, techniques. she is know for embracing imperfection that celebrating happy accidents. she uses acrylic paint, alcohol links, encaustic paint, collage elements and more. to find inspiration and beauty in the humble nature of everyday objects. the author demonstrates the wasi- sabi style. that she shows how they serve as inspiration for colour, shape , texture, composition and mood.  My-mothers-clothes-small.-300x293

Michelle Belto’s , her work is about time with its perceived effects on us and our enviomemt.she uses paper and wax as her materials because both of these ephemeral substances are transformed with time and can be transformed through the artists hands.images

negotiated practice

After my light box that I made I wasn’t happy with the result what I got I didn’t achieve the pattern from the light box that I was looking I stared research more for artists that I’m interested in. I came across Nicki Stewart who works with hot wax, then I started drawing with wax to form different patterns or shapes from the dipping wax. Then I wanted to go larger using different materials for experiment with wax.

The materials I used : bubble wrap : dust sheets cutting it up: inks : bandages : wax : acrylic paint and fabric.

Techniques used: drawing with wax on paper to form patterns , wax melted stairing the wax then pouring the melted wax into a bucket of cold water dipping different materials into the bucket with the wax and water. Which the wax would stick to the materials and with the cold water it would set quick. Forming different shapes every time, making this like an installation when hanging then up to dry out.wp-image-131017654jpeg.jpeg

the next stage was to use bubble wrap has a pouring hot wax onto the bubble wrap and naturally let the wax falls onto this.sometimes i would move the bubble wrap to try direct the wax where i wanted it to flow. i try different types of wax, microcrystalline wax took longer to melt but set hard quick. eco soy wax melted quick but longer to set,it was more like clay.which i kept layering and layering the wax and paint until i was happy with the result.


in which after expermenting with different wax and materials , i decided to try and make more of a solid form. like a sculpture to see over time how long this would last if it would take years or months to decay.becauses i was interested in nature and how objects form and sand ripples when the sea comes in and out.i ask myself why alot about nature the changes? why objects are formed? and does things last forever?. my wax sculptures i would start with a piece of wood to the size i wanted,melt the wax, pour the wax into a large bucket of cold water pour the wax over the wood so the wax can stick to the wood.then repeat the process of layering and layering the wax.

methodology: I would ask other art students how i could show and display my work and have crits. Then take on the ideas they said and research method,sometimes i will work on the floor or display ont the wall. Also i visted sea side resort and collected found objects for example seaweed,shells. I took lots of pictures and taken my sculptures ouside to see how, and experiment natural environment with the sculptures. this felt to me like i was putting sometime back in to the enviroment.which too the birds were tweeting so i started recording the noise this wasa beautiful feeling.